William S. Burroughs: A Man Within


Filmmaker Magazine

MUSIC, “Parallax Sounds” and the City



The Story of Rock 'N' Roll Comics


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The Story of Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics (Review)


Forbidden Magazine

UNAUTHORIZED AND PROUD OF IT! – The Story of Rock N’ Roll Comics


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Do You Remember Rock N Roll Comics?


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Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics creators unite in NYC!



DVD Review Feature: 'The Story of Rock N Roll Comics'



William S. Burroughs: A Man Within Review

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Chicago Reader Cover Story

Music and Movies Matter



Damon Locks: The Parallax Sounds of Chicago


Chicagoist 2011

Documentary On Chicago Post-Rock Pioneers Now Underway

Steve Albini, Battle's Williams in Chicago Doc


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Bulletproof Film heads to Vietnam for veterans' reconciliation doc


Reel Chicago

BulletProof’s new doc looks at tumultuous life and murder of Rock ‘n’ Roll Comics’ Todd Loren


Reel Chicago

Rusty Nails’ featurette “Stay Scared” part of DVD release of Romero’s “Land of the Dead"


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Guest Review: Unauthorized and Proud of It

Unauthorized and Proud of It


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Taking a good, long look at the truth


Indo-Pak Law Office


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Not without my daughter!


New Jon Jost film

Jon Jost announces new film project on the kidnapping of his daughter


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Axis of Evil: Perforated Praeter Naturam



Can a new documentary on the shared stories of Chicago's gangs create unity?


Chicago Pride

Chicago filmmakers in international competition




"Jens Jensen: The Living Green" - Best Editing Award  

Wild Rose Independent Festival




"Parallax Sounds" - UCCA  Award Venti Citta, Special Jury Award, Turino Film Festival    




"Growing Power" - Best Video Under 60 seconds, One Chicago, One Nation Competition.


"William S. Burroughs: A Man Within"- Van Gogh Avard for Best Biography, Amsterdam International Film Festival, Holland


"William S. Burroughs: A Man Within"- Gold Kahuna Award, Honolulu International Film Festival, HI




"Children In Exile"-Best Documentary, San Luis Obispo Film Festival


"Children In Exile"- Platinum Remy - Best Documentary, Houston International Film Festival


"Children In Exile" - Best Editing Award, Ilko Davidov, Brussels Film Festival, Belgium




"Children In Exile"- Honorable Mention, Dramatic Impact Feature Documentary, The Accolade Film Competition


"About Face"-Special Jury Recognition, Stony Brook Film Festival, Long Island, NY




"A Day On The Force"- Special Jury Award. 72 Hour Feature Film Project, Chicago, IL.




"Sacred Sounds"-Honorable Mention: 48th Columbus International Film Festival , Columbus, OH.


"Sacred Sounds"-Honorable Mention: San Luis Obispo Film Festival , San Luis Obispo, CA.


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